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Eles is a professional, flexible, fully-responsive theme for phpBB 3.1 with a pixel-perfect mobile-first design and retina-ready graphics that is compatible with the most phpBB 3.1 third party extensions.

Eles is powered by advanced customizable features and a lightweight CMS solution available via the coreframe extension, which is smartly built into phpBB and is sure to make your forum stand out from the crowd!

Meet Eles – the theme bringing much more than just a beautiful design for your forum!

This unique forum theme is efficiently written for optimum performance and designed to provide a streamlined update experience while maintaining complete compatibility with newer phpBB versions and third party extensions.

At the core of Eles stands the powerful coreframe admin extension, a top framework for phpBB style customization, development and content management.

The primary aim of ELES is to become your go-tool for phpBB3.1 forum set-up and customization!

Eles phpBB Style
Eles - phpBB Theme Demo
Eles phpBB 3.1 Responsive Theme

Eles phpBB Theme Features

Top Features

  1. Pixel-perfect mobile-first responsive design.
  2. Built into phpBB – not on top of it.
  3. Optimised for high performance and fast loading times.
  4. Sitewide fully customizable widgets-ready sidebar.
  5. Ads & banners ready with 4 advertisement areas available & custom widgets.
  6. Smart code that enable compatibility with upcoming phpBB versions.
  7. Supports most phpBB 3.1 extensions:
    • Board Announcements – by phpBB
    • Pages – by phpBB
    • Board Rules – by phpBB
    • Auto Groups – by phpBB
    • Google Analytics – by phpBB
    • About Us – by Crizzo
    • Advanced BBCode Box 3.1 – by VSE
    • Topic Preview – by VSE
    • Quick Login – by PayBas
    • Avatar in last post – by bb3mobi
    • Share On – by Vinny
    • Ajax Smilies – by Tacitus89
    • phpBB 3.1 Post Love – by satanasov (partially supported)
    • Adsense for phpBB 3.1 – by Stoker (partially supported)
  8. Supports over 50 different languages including RTL languages.
  9. HTML widgets for sidebar and footer – add your own custom widgets.
  10. Custom code areas – add your own code right from the admin extension.
  11. Seamless updating process – no backups needed!
  12. Bootstrap 3.35+ included – your favourite bootstrap components included.
  13. Unparallel level of customization via the coreframe extension.
  14. Prompt support which includes assistance in using the features of the theme.
  15. No need to edit the source code!
  16. Retina ready – Graphics are made with vectors, so they render correctly on retina screens or mobile displays.
  17. CSS3 preloader and no FOUC (flash of unstyled content).
  18. Light and dark color themes fully customizable via picker-accessible color variables.
  19. Social links to keep in touch with your community members.
  20. Boxed, contained and full-width layout options.
  21. Customizable beautiful typography – pick from over 700 Google web fonts.
  22. 10 Widgets – 4 preset and 6 HTML editable ones via the admin extension.
  23. An unlimited number of custom menu items can be added to the top navigation bar.
  24. Collapsible forum categories – useful for big boards, they remember your choice.
  25. Font Awesome 4.5 included – over 600 icons customizable via CSS.
  26. Code editing with Syntax Highlight – add custom code and widgets right from the Administration Control Panel, with syntax highlight for HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
  27. First two letters default avatars – auto-added default avatars for new users.
  28. Advanced BBCodes – new bbcodes available via supported third-party extension.
  29. SCSS Source Files for those familiar with SASS, the CSS preprocessor.
  30. Detailed Documentation – with links to supported extensions.

I think it is the best phpBB forum theme on ThemeForest. – Anonymous

The Coding

The Eles theme together with the coreframe extension are developed using some of the best coding technologies available.

  1. Symfony2 Framework
    A set of reusable standalone and coherent PHP components that provide effective solutions to common web development problems.
  2. Bootstrap 3.35
    The most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first web projects.
  3. Twig
    A flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PHP.
  4. Bower
    A package management system for client-side programming that works with git and GitHub repositories.
  5. Grunt
    A JavaScript task runner that provides task automation solutions for your web projects.
  6. Font Awesome 4.5
    A font icon with more than 600 scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized with the power of CSS.
  7. Other Technologies
    HTML5, JavaScript & jQuery, CSS3 & SCSS/SASS, Modernizr, GIT, PHP, MySQL, scssphp, CodeMirror, Autoprefixer and AJAX.

Author Note

Hello ladies and gentlemen!
I see a lot of potential in phpBB and I’m happy to contribute to its awesomeness.

Being a web developer with more than two years hands-on experience in front-end development (after carefully analyzing the open source bulletin board systems) I decided to begin on the journey of providing professional theming solutions for phpBB.

Those of you who are aware that phpBB is the most popular open source bulletin board system in the world may well agree that in spite of its ever increasing number of features, there’s still room for a lot of improvement.

Eles was started just for that – to speed up the improvement of phpBB.

The two main development guidelines for Eles and coreframe are:

  1. Improve the visual experience of phpBB while not reducing performance, or if possible, improve the performance too.
  2. Facilitate compatibility with newer versions and third party extensions by using the best practices to develop a style for phpBB.

The development process was optimized to consider these two ideas with every iteration.


Coreframe is a secure and powerful admin extension that integrates with phpBB3.1 and the Eles theme to get your forum customization experience to the next level.

All customization options available via the coreframe extension:

  • Dev Mode – A reliable friend who’s doing the dirty work for you.
  • General
    • Favicon URL – set the favicon of your forum.
    • Logo Image – add a logo to your forum.
    • Site info under logo – show or hide site name and description in header.
    • Copyright text – add your own copyright text to the footer.
    • Original copyright text – show or hide original copyright text.
    • Layout mode – boxed, full-width or contained layout mode.
    • Container width – set container width for the contained layout mode.
    • Show or hide site-wide sidebar.
    • Square or round avatar image shape.
    • Left or right user profile position in post.
    • Enable or disable site preloader.
  • Advertisements and Banners
    • Block at page top – add advertisement for the top of the forums.
    • Block at page end – add advertisement for the bottom of the forums.
    • Block in widgets – add advertisement for the widget areas.
  • Menus
    • Stick navbar to the top on page scroll.
    • Add menu items – add or remove your own menu items.
    • Social links – add social links for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, GitHub and/or Instagram.
  • Style
    • Corners style – set corners style to rounded or flat.
    • Google fonts url – add your favourite Google Web Fonts.
    • Body font size – increase or decrease site font size (affects all elements).
    • Body text font – set font for the site text.
    • Headings font – set font for the headings.
    • Color Theme
      • Light color theme – set the default color theme preset for the forum.
      • Dark color theme – set the dark color theme preset.
      • Custom light or dark color theme.
      • Set color variables – use color picker to set the color variables of the forum.
    • Canvas background image – set background image for the boxed layout.
    • Header image – set header background image.
    • Custom CSS code – add your own custom css code here.
  • Template
    • Custom code in HEAD tag – link your custom external resources here.
    • Custom code before closing the BODY tag – custom JavaScript goes here.
      E.g. Google Analytics tracking code.
    • Sidebar widgets – add up to different 5 sidebar widgets.
    • Footer widgets – add widgets for the footer columns.
  • Widgets
    • Recent Topics – display a number of your forum’s recently updated topics.
    • Info Tabs – a cool way to display who’s online, forum stats and birthdays.
    • Authentication – log-in form for guest and unregistered users.
    • Advertisement – your advertisement widget set in Advertisements and Banners.
    • Forums List – see the list of the forums wherever you may navigate inside the boards.
    • Links List – preset widget example for a links list (HTML editable).
    • About Us Text – preset widget for the about us text (HTML editable).
    • 3 Custom Code Widgets – even more HTML editable widgets.


Support is done via the product comments section.
The item documentation is included in the downloadable archive.

Item support includes:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions.
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features.
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues.
  • Help in using the product features.


Easy install, easy customize, cool design, And the important thing: It works great!
– Kingsfield, 5 Stars for Feature Availability

This is literally the best theme I have bought so far. The quality of the code and design is very high, and the team keeps providing awesome updates for this theme. Great support as well! Good job guys! 5/5
– wolff94, 5 Stars for Flexibility

I really think this is one of the best tracks for phpbb 3.1 at this time.
– A Happy Customer

Buy Eles phpBB 3.1 Theme


1.2.0 – Feature release

ADD - Added first two letters default avatars.
ADD - Added option to disable the site preloader.
ADD - Added new authentication widget.
ADD - Added support for the following third party extensions:

    + Topic Preview
    + Share On
    + Quick Login
    + Ajax Smilies
    + Adsense for phpBB 3.1 (partially supported)
    + phpBB 3.1 Post Love (partially supported)

REV - Redesigned home page.
REV - Improved design and elements alignment in topic view.
REV - Improved checkboxes, radios and select inputs design.
REV - Improved User and Moderator Control Panel layouting.
REV - Improved the collapse buttons for forum categories.
REV - Improved documentation for dev mode and added info for preloader option.
REV - Improved Flat Corners styling.

FIX - No more logging out by clicking on recent topics for users without cookies.
FIX - Fixed checkboxes not working in some UCP pages.
FIX - Fixed table width not fitting in MCP when showing ipv6 addresses.
FIX - Fixed modals dark backdrop not covering the header.
FIX - Fixed bug with visible JavaScript code in custom ads.
FIX - Moved the position of scripts to facilitate support with more extensions.

1.1.1 – Patch release

FIX - Fixed SQL ERROR when performing a fresh install of Coreframe 1.1.0
FIX - Updated styling for Flat Corners Style, to work as expected.

1.1.0 – Feature release

ADD - Added option to set the number of recent topics listed in the widget.
ADD - Added support for the following third party extensions:

    + Advanced BBCode Box
    + Board Rules

FIX - Fixed missing javascript file error which affected the page loading speed.
FIX - Minor fixes in custom color themes.

1.0.5 – Patch release

ADD - Added support for the following third party extensions:

    + Board Announcements
    + Last Post Avatar
    + Pages
    + About Us

REV - Updated the layouting, styling and colors to a modern design.
REV - Added parent color theme class to the body element for easier CSS styling.
FIX - Color groups for username display are now available in dark themes.
FIX - Improved text colors with custom color themes.
FIX - Improved elements alignment in profile page.

1.0.4 – Patch release

REV - Updated pagination style to provide better accessibility.
REV - Updated forum rules style.
FIX - Fixed post profile style for smartphones.
FIX - Improved display of widget titles on smaller screens.
FIX - Improved responsive design for bottom action buttons.

1.0.3 – Patch release

ADD - Added compatibility with Internet Explorer 9.
REV - Updated the design of the search box in header.
REV - Improved header design for smartphones.
FIX - Fixed JavaScript errors in the posting view.
FIX - Fixed checkboxes styling for smartphones & older browsers.
FIX - Fixed responsive design for smartphones in forum category view.

1.0.2 – Patch release

FIX - Fixed admin extension incompatibility with older php versions.

1.0.1 – Patch release

ADD - Added notification via ACP for new versions. You can now check if you have the latest version installed on your forum by navigating to ACP > Customise > Manage Extensions and clicking on the Details button for coreframe.
FIX - Fixed Code before </BODY> not working.

1.0.0 – Initial public release

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UpTC – ( High Speee ) 

Rabit Download  

Turbobit ( Click Download – Alternative ) 

FoDown ( Click Download )

SCA ( Click Download – Alternative )

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